Saturday, February 06, 2016
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Download Analysis Studio statistical analysis software Analysis Studio is a comprehensive, easy to use data mining tool. Analysis Studio includes automated methods for gaining a high level of accuracy and model stability.
Regression modeling Using the Analysis Studio regression modelling wizard allows fast production and on the fly model comparison. The regression modelling wizard produces 5 different regression models (linear, polynomial, logarithmic, exponential and power).
Logistic regression modeling The Analysis Studio logistic regression wizard and logistic modeling procedure allow accurate production and deployment of logistic regression models. The logistic regression modelling process was designed for fast deployment and fast analysis
Multi core support To achieve maximum performance and leverage today's computer hardware, Analysis Studio supports multi core computations (up to 64 CPUs). Multi core computations include: Brief analysis (descriptive statistics), data correlations, frequency tables and cross tab computations.

Analysis Studio better and faster predictive analysis



s more resources are allocated to implement analytic strategies and achieving high quality data analysis, a fast way to reach high quality predictive models becomes a necessity. Using Analysis Studio, Appricon lets organizations implement their predictive analytic strategies with high efficiency and better results. Analysis Studio provides an end to end model generation process designed for fast development, analysis and deployment


db wizard redictive analysis and data mining are used in businesses as part of a strategy implemented to improve results. Improving the predictive analytical modeling process allows a business to have ongoing long lasting proactive capabilities resulting in increased ROI of the analytic strategy.


he cutting edge user interface, data import wizard and export capabilities Analysis Studio are integrated seamlessly in an active data mining project or team. The user interface and cross tab tablesinteractive nature of Analysis Studio allow data mining professionals and statisticians to start producing better models with minimum overhead. The import / export capabilities of Analysis Studio deliver reliable connectivity to other analytical entities and increase the synergetic effect on the organization's analytic strategy.


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